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framadate is an open source polling system. It provides similar facilities to sites such as Doodle, except that it does not collect any personal information (except for an email address for a poll owner). Polls can be for dates and times (as for Doodle) or for simple votes.

There is a free framadate server, open to all, at; no registration is required.

However, it is possible to set up a private framadate server if required. This might be done on (perceived) grounds of security, or to improve latency. I have done this on FreeBSD. I decided to share my experiences, so I have written a (quite detailed) document which specifically addresses setting up a framadate server on FreeBSD. The information has been drawn from many disparate sources, and also from a measure of blood, sweat and tears!

The document may be found here. Comments are welcome. It is a living document, so check back occasionally. The change log is right at the end.

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To save some typing (and errors) here are some of the files (or partial files) required.

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