This page is all about books that I read, would like to read, am reading, or even that I've written!

Bob's recommended books

This all came about because I'm often being asked for "a good book about X", where X of course varies (but we are only considering computing books here). I decided it would be a good idea to make a list and put it on a web page. However, copying all of the information from Amazon became very tedious, and so I hit on the idea of setting up an Amazon 'virtual bookshop'. This allows me to list and categorise my favourite books and make comments about them. The bookshop links directly to Amazon, including used copies. And, I'm sorry to say, if you buy a book via this site, I get a small commission!

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Yes, I'm on Goodreads too, although I don't have time to do a lot there. Find me as Bob Eager (

Books with me as author

There are only two of these. The first one was all my own work, and the second was one where I did the updates for the fourth and fifth editions.

Introduction to PC DOS
This was one of the earlier books on DOS, and to my surprise I was approached by the publisher and asked to write it. Originally it was to have been on MS-DOS, but then IBM came on board and wanted an IBM Personal Computer Series, so it became a book on PC DOS; there is little technical difference. This book was published in many languages, including Dutch, English, Italian, Japanese, Polish and German.
Fundamentals of Operating Systems
The primary author of this book, Andrew Lister, actually taught me about operating systems. The book was based on lecture notes (which I still possess) for an M.Sc. module at the University of Essex. I was asked to update it for the fourth (and subsequently fifth) editions, although initially the publisher had no idea that Andrew and I knew each other. It's old, but still a useful book for the basics.

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