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My MSc dissertation

I wrote a dissertation as part of my Master's degree in Computer Science. It was about improving the portability of a compiler - for the language BCPL. The project was great fun, and I passed. However, it really serves as an indication of what one could get away with in those days, and it shouldn't be taken as an exemplar. Here it is:
Improving the Portability of the BCPL Compiler.

Making Code Work Better

I used to know a clever guy named Tony Ingenoso, who worked on (inter alia) the code of PC-DOS. He put in lots of clever stuff to squeeze the best out of a DOS PC, and also did a lot of code optimisation.

I discovered that I have a mirror of some material that he wrote about this; it no longer exists on the original site, or elsewhere as far as I can see. I have thus decided to place it here for everyone's edification. Of course, a lot of it is relevant only to long gone systems, but it does throw some interesting light on a number of things, and some of it is transferable to contemporary code.

If Tony sees this and has any objection (or a blessing), he should of course contact me. But it's too good just to let go.

Tony Ingenoso's Making Code Work Better

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