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When you have a few minutes to waste, these are for you.

  • Geoguessr shows you a street scene from somewhere in the world. The challenge is to identify exactly where it is. The best I've witnessed was within 6 metres!
  • The Easter Egg Archive contains stuff on interesting things hidden in software, films, games, etc.


Odd stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.

  • Gridwatch shows you lots of simulated meters. They show the current UK electricity consumption, and where the power is coming from. Hover over meters to get more explanation. This is particularly interesting when a high pressure zone sits over the UK in winter - very cold, and virtually no power from wind.
  • Flightradar24 gives information about planes in the air all over the world, in real time. There's a phone app too.
  • If you're more into ships, then Marinetraffic is for you.

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