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This page is all about papers and dissertations that I have written. There isn't all that much yet!

Bob's MSc dissertation

I did my MSc at the University of Essex between October 1973 and September 1974. Most of us were allowed an extension on our dissertation submission date, and I submitted mine in early January 1975 (by which time I was back as a postgraduate at the University of Kent).

I had visited Kent in pretty well all of my spare time at Essex, mostly sleeping on a floor in the east wing of Rutherford College. I was then invited by Peter Brown to continue my studies back at Kent.

Peter Brown had already fired my interest in software portability, and Richard Bornat had done the same for compiler writing. The subject of my dissertation was thus bound to be something about compiler portability. Additionally, the University of Essex Department of Computing was heavily into BCPL. It is no surprise, therefore, that the name of my dissertation was Improving the portability of the BCPL compiler. You can download a PDF here.

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