This is my idea of what constitutes humour. You are free to disagree.

Random websites

These are websites which I find interesting!

  • The XKCD comic (as the leftpondians call it - we in the UK would call it a cartoon strip). This is a quite techy, geeky, science oriented (not necessarily all at once) comic. Hardly anyone understands them all, but hovering with the mouse usually brings up a bit more. Perhaps an acquired taste.
  • If you get hooked on XKCD, you will occasionally not be able to comprehend a particular comic (partially, or at all). Help is at hand in the form of the explain xkcd wiki.
  • All of us have, at times, suffered from clueless management. Dilbert is a long suffering engineer in this comic - you're almost certain to recognise your equivalent of the pointy-haired manager (I certainly do!), and also some of Dilbert's colleagues.


There are so many sites, one could waste a life on them. But here's what I like.

Jumbo Joke
This is always good, and you can just pick a random joke. Warning: some jokes might be offensive to some people.


Well, my interpretation of it.
A very convincing site. I expect the Daily Mail loves it.

Other stuff

Stuff that doesn't fit well into a category.

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