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This is my idea of what constitutes humour. You are free to disagree.

Random websites

These are websites which I find interesting!

  • The XKCD comic (as the leftpondians call it - we in the UK would call it a cartoon strip). This is a quite techy, geeky, science oriented (not necessarily all at once) comic. Hardly anyone understands them all, but hovering with the mouse usually brings up a bit more. Perhaps an acquired taste.
  • If you get hooked on XKCD, you will occasionally not be able to comprehend a particular comic (partially, or at all). Help is at hand in the form of the explain xkcd wiki.
  • All of us have, at times, suffered from clueless management. Dilbert is a long suffering engineer in this comic - you're almost certain to recognise your equivalent of the pointy-haired manager (I certainly do!), and also some of Dilbert's colleagues.


There are so many sites, one could waste a life on them. But here's what I like.

Jumbo Joke
This is always good, and you can just pick a random joke. Warning: some jokes might be offensive to some people.


Well, my interpretation of it.
A very convincing site. I expect the Daily Mail loves it.
Another one for the Daily Mail.

The Ten Commandments of Electronics

I like this, and would acknowledge it if I knew its origin.

  1. Beware the lightning that lurketh in an undischarged capacitor, lest it cause thee to be bounced upon thy buttocks in a most ungentlemanly manner.
  2. Cause thou the switch that supplies large quantities of juice to be opened and thusly tagged, so thy days may be only on this earthly vale of tears.
  3. Prove to thyself that all circuits that radiateth and upon which thou worketh are grounded, less they lift thee to high frequency potential and cause thee to radiate also.
  4. Take care thou useth the proper method when thou taketh the measure of high voltage circuits so that thou doth not incinerate both thee and the meter; for verily, thou hast no account number and can easily be replaced, the meter doth have one, and as a consequence, bringeth much woe unto CEO, Accounts & the Supply Department.
  5. Tarry not amongst those who engage in intentional shocks, for they are not long for this world.
  6. Take care thou tampereth not with interlocks and safety devices, for this will incur the wrath of thy Seniors and bringeth the fury of the Safety Officer down about thy head and shoulders.
  7. Work thou not on energised equipment, for if you doth, thy buddies will surely be buying beers for thy widow and consoling her in other ways not generally accepted by thee.
  8. Verily, verily I say unto thee, never service high voltage equipment alone, for electric cooking is a slothful process and thy might sizzle in thine own fat for hours on end before thy Maker sees fit to end thy misery and drag thee into His fold.
  9. Trifle thou not with radioactive tubes and substances, lest thou commence to glow in the dark like a lightning bug, and thy wife be frustrated nightly and have no further use for thee except thy wage.
  10. Commit thou to memory the works of the Prophets, which are written in the Instruction Books, which giveth the straight dope and which consoleth thee, and thou cannot make mistakes - yeah, well, sometimes, maybe.

Other stuff

Stuff that doesn't fit well into a category.

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